As the days go by! Day 2

Wow! What a wonderful couple of days I have had and where to begin! Probably that I am absolutely exhausted! I thought I was fit but I feel like I have just woken up a whole heap of muscles that have been well and truly asleep all this time!

The day started with a sumptuous break banquet here at the hotel. 

From there, I decided to walk to the nearest Yves Rocher institute/shop and as it would happen, there was one only a 10 minute walk away! Of course that would be if I could find it! And of course I didn’t! 😕 So I decided I would follow my nose! And of course that just took me from Republique into Le Marais and a coffee stop to regroup! 

After all there were meant to be Yves Rocher institutes everywhere and by this stage I was starting to feel that a facial and foot spa would be just perfect! I needed an hours rest! Continuing on my way, I finally found what I was looking for! Voila! Yves Rocher!

By now some if you are probably wondering what all the fuss is about! I used to sell Yves Rocher when it was available through party plan in Australia. Now you cannot purchase Yves Rocher in Australia not even online. So in I go and fall in love all over again! As you can imagine, language again was a challenge but between the two of us we managed to not only purchase a skin care regime but Faizie also helped me with my make up! I cannot begin to explain how wonderful it felt to be wearing Yves Rocher again! And believe it or not, my guide for the bike trip to Eperhay, Neil, used to do the marketing for Yves Rocher and my Trafalgar tour guide, David swears by the product too-and promptly pulled out the amazing hand cream for us to try! Yes while everyone else visits the Louvre & the Eiffel Tour when they come to France, Janet is chasing skin care products!

Proudly setting off with my purchase which was amazingly cheap, l started walking in the direction I thought was my hotel and to find somewhere to eat for lunch. As I am walking, though, it started to rain and rain and rain! But I was smart this time and had already purchased a cheap umbrella! lt still didn’t stop the rain from soaking my Yves Rocher carry bag and suddenly I heard a third on the footpath and there at my feet was the shower gel I had just bought and two big holes on either side of my bag. By this stage the rain is coming down hard and I have to put my umbrella down to pack everything quickly into my back-pack. Now I know how the bottom of my back-pack got a wet! Anyway after eating a magnificent bowl of Carbonara Taggliatali, I pulled out a novel, and started to read, hoping that the rain would slow down or stop! But not quite!

Just wandering around Paris – even in the rain was wonderful. I kind of had a sense of where I wanted to go but sometimes the streets twisted and tuned and l would have to stop and try to work out from the street signs where I wanted to go! One of the things I have noticed about the shops here is that when you see one type of shop there usually are like a cluster of that type of shop. For example if you see one shoe shop there are usually about half a dozen or more – same with book shops + gaming shops; even saw a cluster of kitchen renovation shops on my travels! I also found a lovely display of clowns at a shoe repair shop!

Eventually I found my way back to Republique and lo and behold as I rounded the corner I discovered the closest Yves Roher to my hotel! Typical! Anyway it was just as well, because when I returned to my room & unpacked my goodies, I discovered that I had lost a couple of items before I realised that my shopping bag had broken. So much for an afternoon rest- but this time, I wanted ice-cream! Spotting the Italian styled cafe on the corner, I asked if they sold gelati. And guess what? They didn’t know what gelati was; nor did they sell ice-cream or sorbet! So back to Republique where I made my Yves Rocher purchases and then walked around the corner to have an cafe noir alonges dan eclair chocolat! Sitting out on the street and savoured every mouthful. At home, Are eclairs are filled with cream, here they are filled with a chocolate custard. Mmm! 

Of course back towards home l discovered a place that sold gelati and thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful.

Dinner that night was at Cafe Italian-Style where I enjoyed a typical steak and chips with a glass of Malbec, which was then followed by a coffee a Tiramisu!

The waiter was tres belle and he could dance! I know what you are thinking! What, Janet dancing with a Frenchman already? But now, he was outside chatting to what looked like his brother when he started dancing on the street! The music playing in the cafe was his favorite and apparently in his spare time he loves to dance! And yes, French or no French I have managed to have some fun conversations hole people I have met!

Finally my day ended with a beautiful body massage at the hotel as my feet a legs were killing me! Mind you they still are today but I seem to be getting used to it.

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