Day 8 – Sarlat-du-Caneda and cruising the Dordogne River

By today I am feeling rather exhausted again from being around too many people. The number of people at Rocomodour had taken its toll and while I did sleep okay, it was a real struggle to get going this morning. Our first stop though was Sarlat-du-Caneda and it was busy! If I was feeling ‘peopled-out’ earlier I was dreading now what was to come.

Once again we clamoured off the bus & headed towards the church and town square.The closer we came, the more crowded it became! But we stayed together, got our instructions & then Shirleen and I headed off – back towards the shops.

By this stage I felt sick of churches & going in this one seemed to be a bit of a bun-fight just to get in the entrance so shopping it was and shopping did we! Ended up having an absolute ball! Yes I finally found something that both fitted me and was beautiful – and affordable! Wow! Then if that wasn’t enough I found these ‘groovy’ shoes that were also wonderfully priced.

Along the way we saw the work of some annoying artists, tasted some absolutely delicious cheese + I saw a herb and spice stall. The cheese that I liked Are best was ahe cow’s milk cheese with black truffles – but at 89E, I was not buying!

Then we had to find somewhere to eat for lunch and we decided do go to a patisserie where I ordered a croissant, a torte framboisie and une cafe alonges! Tres delicious!!!

After Sarlat, we were off to the Dordogne River cruise. To be honest, I was looking forward to this optional activity because we were going to see some castles where the English and French used to fight each other from opposite sides of the river. Driving into one township the scenery was pretty amazing! 

Not only that but the place was littered with families holidaying and canoeing out on the river. People were out having fun. In particular I noticed how much the men were enjoying being with their children – laughing and joking around, splashing each other! My memories of fathers are not like that; there was always a seriousness about them. l think in part that may be due to the pressures of fatherhood and the traditional notions and values of authority associated with such an image. Anyway some people even used the canoes to cross the river for a family picnic! The only element missing from this cruise was the ability to run my fingers through the water. As the photos show it really was an amazingly spectacular place.

That evening back at Brive, Anne, John and I went out to the Black Truffle and enjoyed another deliciously scrumptious meal complemented perfectly with a beautiful, local red wine. We all enjoyed the soup, and for me, this was the first time I had eaten cold soup & it was magnificent. This was followed by a main course of duck + raspberry & almond cake & sorbet for dessert. 

John enjoyed some alternative meals – the trout and rice pudding!

Afterthat it was bedtime. These days I am just crashing into bed big-time.


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