Day 10 – Versailles, Paris + the Moulin Rouge

Today we left Orleans for Versailles. But first was breaky and I loved the beautiful setting used in the hotel. Everything seemed so beautifully and elegantly set out.

The day was was wet and overcast and it really didn’t look like it was going to stop. Even when we arrived at Versailles the rain contained steadily – so much so that Shirleen and I dropped into this gorgeous clothing shop to get her a cardigan. Even I managed to get something – and it matched my outfit! 

We then had coffee at this gorgeous cafe and just sat and talked. 

After a while we got up and started walking again. we then passed one of Shirleen’s favourite shops that just sells cosmetics a perfumes. It was great the way Shirleen and I worked in so well with each other like that! After that it was back to the palace where we positioned ourselves at a coffee shop overlooking the palace. 

After that it was dime for a closer peek at the palace and then back to the bus. No I didn’t go in but I just felt thatThere were too many people for the little time that we had. Next time!

After that it was onto Paris and the way we entered Paris this time meant that I got to see the kind of Paris I had been expecting – and it included the Eiffel Tower. 

After that still on me bus, we visited the Luxembourg gardens and “the little Palace” and our tour guide specialist explained as much as she could. It was very informative and a pleasant way to orient yourself around Paris.

Then it was back to the hotel and get ready for “The Moulin Rouge”.

I am actually writing this out of order because I have to tell you about my amazing night! Yes, the Moulin Rouge was ‘Spectacular, Spectacular’! 

You won’t believe it but our seats were iudhe front vow and yes I was in are front seat! It was a cabaret dinner that we enjoyed-three Courses, wine and champagne! 

Of course, no photos were allowed – so you can have a break from food photos this time! During dinner we were entertained by a couple of singers and a four piece band. People even got up and danced on the dance floor and I wondered how the dancers would manage the different levels. No, they didn’t have do, the stage extended right out to the table. Yes, that’s right, I couldn’t move and well, when they started kicking their legs – well let’s just say I had a good view! But that said, the costumes were exquisite, nothing was gratuitous and in actual fact the way the women were dressed seemed normal – not over the top or in your face! What was noticeable was that nothing wobbled – not for are men or the women. Their bodies were total muscle and they were fabulous! They danced & sang, there were acrobatics, and no matter how hard they worked, and how much precision was needed to perform some of these feats, they made it look beautiful. Mind you I did kind of freak somewhat when the stage moved back and a pool of massive water snakes rose to the surface! \ swear some of them looked like they wanted to get out- then as you would have it, this woman jumped in and swam/danced with them! Unbelievable – and within centimetres of me! Some of the kicks and splits were also completed within centimetres of me and to top it of when the little ponies came out, one of them nudged me on the head! So awesome! Can you tell I had a great time! As you can imagine l sang and clapped all night! We even had Wendy the talking dog from Britains got talent entertain us! Of course the two guys who did a kind of acrobatic dance to Gene Kelly’s ‘Singing in the rain’ was just awesome – the lifts where incredible! Then of course there was the guy and girl with the gigantic hula hoop! The strength , power and precision was inspiring to watch. Of course the sparkling bling, the swishy, flowing skirts, the colours and the feathers and lighting were a banquet of visual sensations.

Of course afterwards we were all on a high and very excited by the whole evening. Afterwards a guy came over and asked do take my photo – and yes, I can hear you all say, “Oh, oh, what happened here.” But no, he took a selfie with me and then left. And yes I still have my cards and money! The bus brought us back to the hotel and then John, Anne. I popped in for a drink at my favourite cafe but because it was after 1Opm, they wouldn’t serve me any coffee so the waiter made me a very special shot cocktail! There are four ingredients – two are Kahlua and Cointreau but the other two ingredients have to guess. If I come in tomorrow he will nadke me another shot and if I cannot guess then he will tell me! Guess what I am doing tomorrow afternoon before we go out!!!

I have had such a wonderful night! So much fun!

Anyway, we have one more busy day tomorrow before we fly out on Sunday morning and I really do need some sleep.


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