Day 2 – Off to find Yves Rocher!

After a good nights sleep I woke up to another beautiful day! The weather seems so mild. Even now it is suppose to be 30 degrees yet it feels like 25 degrees – mind you I am out of the sun and that does help! Mind you it is humid, but bearable except when walking in sandles and no socks! Yes I have blisters all over my feet.

I did try to go exploring along the beach before breakfast however I didn’t get very far. the tide was on it’s way in and I didn’t want to get caught because I still didn’t know what the entrance was like to get back the other way.

So l did wander back to By Beach for breaky – and it was amazing! I ordered a vegetable omelette and I cannot tell you how amazing it tasted. Firstly it was the lightest and fluffiest omelette I have ever experienced. Then with each bite there were these flavours almost popping in my mouth like popping candy. The food tastes so fresh and flavours are incredible. The fruit smoothies are also delicious!

Today I travelled over the north of Koh Samui. My fist visit was to a resort called Mai Samui to drop off some gifts for a friend back home. One of the girls was at work this morning and I managed to get a few moments to say hi! She was delighted to see me and to receive the gifts. l had a photo taken and boy did I feel like a giant especially when I looked at the photo later!

And then it was off to a major shopping centre over on the very eastern side of the island to see if I could find Yves Rocher; and I did!

Needless to say I had a wonderful time stocking up on my favorite skin care and cosmetics. In typical Yves Rocher style I received lots of lovely gifts and a 30% discount.

After that I started to wander around and just loote I have everyking. Very slowly I began to realise that even within the shopping centre there were different ways of shopping. Stores like Yves Rocher tend to have a set price whereas some of the stores in the carts set their price but were open to a discount. I was a bit slow of the mark today but eventually started working it out. I ate lunch in like a Food market and the choice available was incredible! l ended up going with the Shanghai Duck and ate something I have never had before and yes, my eating experiences continue to be incredible!

Just before leaving the shopping centre I came across this little cart. It seemed to be selling these buns that had different fillings in them. But as I looked I discovered that they also sold ice-cream! I was sold immediately! One scoop of raspberry sherbet and one scoop of blueberries and cream.

After that I began walking down the street. I really don’t know how to describe how much I enjoy exploring new places. It’s like my eyes can’t see enough! The streets look rough.The concrete is cracked, stepping down to the road is a deep step and the footpaths are narrow. There are cars, scooters and motor bikes everywhere that make it a challenge to cross the road when you spot a shop you want to look at. Anyway as I walked it dawned on me that these were the shops I was looking for – where you get designer copies at great prices! I did manage to pick up something for Soraya that I hope she likes! Nevertheless it was only at that point that I realised I was supposed to barter. I still managed to get a good price but now I am looking forward to trying again when I next go shopping!

Not long after this l realised that there was something wrong with my feet – blisters. Next thing I know they are coming out in about four different places. So I found a taxi and between the three of us – two taxi drivers and me – we worked out approximately where to go! But they didn’t count on me not knowing what the entrance looked like. Needless to say, we managed it!

Since then I’ve just sat here at the restaurant by the beach. I must say the coffee here is great! Before I knew it, the sun was setting and it was time for a Cocktail. Tonight’s dinner was pork massaman and yes it was delicious.

I have just found out that tomorrow night they are having a Christmas party here so I am looking forward to that. And yes, Min, Sam and I had some fun around the Christmas tree too!



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