Day 5 – Lazing 

Have just gotten up to have breakfast and am greeted by a balmy 26 degrees, windy and threatening rain. The ocean has become tumultuous again – tumultuous for a beach that is normally flat – and the waves keep pounding away. The tide is almost to the retaining wall and there is a heap of seaweed floating around. For my Thai hosts, they are freezing but for the sake of maintaining the resort’s appearances they persist wearing the grey t-shirts. Me? It still feels very much like a cloudy summertime day!

I spent time listening to my favorite radio station earlier – ABC Radio National – and apparently there is a typhoon hitting Vietnam. According to Song, the restaurant manager, the weather we are experiencing is due to the impacts of the typhoon. She also suggested we might get some rain and more stormy weather later. While I hope and assume the typhoon won’t hit us directly it would be interesting to experience some rain here in the tropics. 

Introduced a change to my breaky routine! I added bacon! Mmm mmm!

Well we have just been moved inside – that is behind the plastic blind – as rain is on its way.

Disaster hit today and not only the weather. The internet went down! I had no idea how attached to it I was. It was also my only medium for contacting home and my family and friends.  Anyway,  with that I started to read and read and read! Yes, by the end of the day I had completely finished ‘Chocolat’, completed numerous puzzles including cross words and sudokos and completed some jigsaws and games of Carcassonne on an app on my tablet! The one good thing about the day, however was the reading. It’s been a long time since I’ve just sat and read like that! And I enjoyed it! 

In between all of that I moved about By Beach. Sometimes sitting on the beach, in the restaurant, on my porch or in my room. I ended up eating all my meals there today because it also was raining most of the day and so I couldn’t just go off walking and I didn’t want to have to pay for a taxi. I also didn’t really know where to go and couldn’t find out because there was no Internet. 

At lunchtime today I decided to try drinking a coconut shake. They looked good but it wasn’t my cup of tea! And yes I succombed to eating chips and shrimp spring rolls for lunch. I enjoyed that!

Later, after a dinner of chicken satay and massaman curry fried rice…

a fellow By Beach lodger started asking about the internet. I was able to fill her in. Needless to say, we ended up chatting and sharing stories. Gene is an American who lives and teaches un Taiwan and who, for most of her adult life has worked overseas. It’s actually amazing the different countries she has lived in. Anyway it is Gene I have to thank for encouraging me to ride the scooters here – but that’s another story for tomorrow…

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