Day 6 – a new adventure 

Still no internet! It still looks like more rain and nothing to do but read! 

While not actually a bad option I was starting to feel anxious that I could not contact my family nor they me. Logic tells me not to be silly but I was worried that they might be getting worried that they could contact me. I can hear my fried Rosie saying ‘it’s not all about you Janet!!!’

Anyway I went to have breakfast and Gene joined me. Again we had a lovely chat and decided that I needed to try her scooter to see if I might be able to handle it. Levi always said I would enjoy it but I knew I needed to have someone with me for the first time and Gene was it! Alas, just as we decided to go riding it started to rain. So we canned that idea and went back to our respective rooms.

As I sat there trying to start another book the thought occured to me that the two of us might like to go somewhere and share the taxi fare; if not for anything else but to access the Internet. Fifteen minutes later By Beach is buzzing! Janet has just hired a scooter, it’s bright red…

…and Gene and I are going exploring in the rain! Song and Sam, the restaurant staff thought we were mad because of the rain and Song was also worried about our safety. I was so excited. I had never ridden a scooter before (much less a motorbike) and here I was giving it a go! One of the guys called out “Come back healthy” and I quipped back, ” what’s the worse thing that could happen? I end up in hospital?”. We all laughed but on a more serious note, I knew that I was not going to try anything risky or travel very fast. I had also been watching the traffic as I walked and travelled by taxi and was aware of how the traffic moved. In any case, we turned right at the By Beach entrance and headed towards the quieter part of are island.

As we road out, I felt elated. Wow! What an amazing experience! Admittedly I did struggle a bit with corners at first until I remembered what it was like on my bike! A slight lean and the knee out and it was all good. Gene led the way and I was happy to follow. She kept an eye out for me and we rode for about 20 minutes or so until we found this port. Here we parked the scooters and walked around the street looking at everything. 

Down the end of the beach area we found this lovely cafe and as we sat down it began to rain. It was here that we were finally able to hook up to the internet. Phew! We were happy.

After we finished our drinks the rain had subsided and so we decided we would wander back and try one of the places we had seen earlier. Not five minutes into the wide and the rain began pouring down. By the time we had reached The Mud Restaurant we were both soaked and my glasses were fogged up! 

As we sat down the waiter bought as both a towel to dry ourselves and we then used it as a blanket to warm up a bit. As we sat there going through the menu, the rain began pelting down even harder. To be honest I began to wonder if it would ever stop!

Gene and I decided to share our plates and so we chose three dishes. Rice in coconut milk, vegetable green curry, chicken and lemongrass and fried pork a lime balls. The food was absolutely amazing! Everything was so fresh and the flavours in your mouth were magnificent! Even Gene’s jasmine tea was made with actual jasmine! By the end of all this we were so full.

By now are rain had stopped again and so we headed off again. But before we did we captured some shots of this amazing place which we found out when we got back to By Beach was owned by the same people. No wonder the menus seemed so similar.

This time Gene took his exploring down all these different roads in search of a nice place to have coffee on the beach. We did find some amazing places off the main road…

…and even came across a buddhist Temple. There was a lot of construction happening but the artwork was amazing! 

After that we ended up at Anna Kuhn’s restaurant where we both engaged a coffee and a juice within are beautiful ambience of a moat. 

Again it rained but lightly this time but we were able to make back to By Beach safely – and the internet was back on!

That night Gene and I also ended up having tea together and enjoying a couple of wines. She also showed me where she lined in Taiwan and it’s a beautiful place. Maybe that’s another place I can add do my travels!


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