Day 5 – Just hanging in Kaohsiung

The days are flying so fast and I am continuing to fall in love with Taiwan. Kaohsiung is very cosmopolitan and modern with heaps of construction all around.

This morning I have just vegged out and it has been pure bliss. In that time I managed to Google nearby coffee shops and found one located behind where I am staying: Stains.

It’s beautiful, very peaceful and the perfect place for me to sit and blog.

As I sat and enjoyed my coffee, one of the waitresses began to use this machine that reminded me of a bunsen burner. It was probably just a fancy way of percolating the coffee but there was a real effort that went into making coffee this way. The lady used smell to check the quality of the coffee she was brewing. It was an amazing process to watch.

I wasn’t the the only one interested. The woman and her husband sitting one stool up from me came across to look and well-as you do, we started chatting. They were a retired couple who had moved from Hong Kong last year to live in Kaohsiung because it was cheaper and less crowded! As I told her about our population in Shepparton their eyes boggled. They could not imagine what it would be like to live in a place with so few people. Anyway, as you do, we swapped details and might catch up again before I leave.

Then it was back home to hang out my washing and have some lunch. By this stage it was almost 3pm and I wanted to get out for a walk before Gene came home. l also wanted to explore my surroundings a bit more too and so I began to wander. l headed towards the river – Love River but before I got there I came across another cafe but this time, one with food. Guess where I am heading to at some stage!!!

After walking over the bridge to take some photos of Love River and walking along the river path, l found Tres Bon coffee shop where I went into try their coffee.

What I didn’t realise was that they closed at 5pm and it was now 4.15pm. when she tried to explain this l thought she was telling me to come back at 5pm. We got there in the end and I managed to finally finish off my Day 2 blog.

As I walked back to the apartment again I noticed the intricacy of decoration that went into the doorways.

Gene was home at this stage and once again we headed out for dinner. The restaurant we went to was called 100 NT and it was fabulous.

We ordered a number of different appetisers, meals and beer and proceeded to feast!

My favourite dishes were the spring rolls (very different to what I was expecting) and the egg plant dish. Then came the chicken, fried rice and sizzling pepper beef.

All of it was delicious and of course we enjoyed great conversation. After that, Gene took me on a tour down to the beach and showed me a few of the sights.

Now we are back home – Gene preparing her classes for tomorrow and me relaxing on the couch blogging!


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