Day 7 – Cijin Island and Taiwan’s National Public Holiday Ten Ten

After a sleepy start Gene and I were off again on her scooter. It’s wonderful feeling the wind on my face as we ride along.

The roads were looking familiar and I realised that we were traveling along roads we had formerly traveled on during the night. Kaohsiung is a beautiful city made up of buildings and skyscrapers with moments of green theough to large parklands with lakes.

After riding onto the ferry, I went upstairs. I was expecting to be on the ferry for awhile but it barely took 10mins. Still I managed to get some interesting shots of Monkey Mountain and the harbour.

Once off the ferry there were people everywhere. Still we managed to get across to the beach side of the island where there was a bit more space to move around.

The beach here is a black sand beach and it is patrolled with lifesavers. First, however, lunch.

Lunch turned out to be an adventure in itself. We went to a seafood place where we selected the fish. What a selection it was.

Inside I nearly died. How was I going to eat this? Much less know what to pick. So I left it mainly up to Gene. She selected asparagus, clams, squid, scallops, fried rice and I selected grilled fish.

It was all absolutely delicious and yes I did try everything at least three times. The asparagus dish was amazing, as were the scallops and the fish.

I did enjoy the big round pieces of the squid but I left the bits that looked like a mini octopus for Gene.

After lunch we wandered past a temple and the what turned out to be a Presbyterian church. But not before we checked out ET!

There really is a juxtaposition between money spent in the name of religion and the homes the locals live in.

We then wandered down to a quiet part of the beach and went for a swim. The water was beautiful and warmish. None of that freezing cold Bass Strait!


While swimming we started to talk abou when I might get to Kenting and when I thought I might visit Tainan. By the end of the swim we were heading to Kenting for the weekend!

Wet and pleased with our plans we went home – again via the ferry. Once back at the apartment we set our plans into motion.

We spent the rest of the evening catching up. Gene produced a lovely spread of nibbles and she showed me her photos and videos of her recent trip with her students to Borneo. What an amazing journey and adventure they had!

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