Day 10 – relaxing Nanwan Road, Hengchun

This morning was another slow start to the day. But that might have been somewhat self-induced! Needless to say I was up and ready to go by 9am in search for breakfast and coffee.

Yet again breakfast was another adventure in and of itself. Next door to Yoyo Hotel is the Dar Ban and they serve brunch.

For NT$150 (AUD$6.82) I savoured a yummy breakfast of fresh bread, blueberry jam and butter, juice, coffee and a plate of egg, salmon, ham, salad and orange. It was all delicious – and yes I did remove the dried fruit. I’m not that adventurous!!!

Just as I was finishing my main course, the waiter came over and asked if I would like dessert. Yes here they offer dessert. I thought he told me it was cherry tea and I shrugged and said that I have never eaten it before so yes I will try it. After he had brought it over he suggested that I try it with some milk.

Turns out it was ‘jelly’ tea and the milk was an improvement. I took one bite and yes it tasted like tea jelly. Unreal what they do with tea here! I have learnt that I need to have more than one taste of something especially when I find the texture confronting so I ate about a third. It’s actually okay but just not my cup-of-tea!

It is beautiful sitting here overlooking the trees that hide the beach. The sun is shining and the wind is quite gusty. I can probably get an electric scooter but I might also go for a walk…

…so I went for a swim.

The beach here is beautiful but rather treacherous. The shoreline is not a gradual gradient down but dips into a deep shoreline trough. This means that within a few metres you go from being knee deep to shoulder deep within a couple of steps. On top of that, the sand and stones that you are walking on remain soft and your feet sink as you walk in or out; you cannot get a grip. The tide seemed to be coming in and the waves when they broke were pounding on your legs as you walked over the softest part of the sand into the water. Needless to say I was the epitome of elegance today as the waves washed the ground from under me and I landed on my butt! The funny thing was, though, it was like landing on a ball of cotton wool – so soft!!! With as much dignity as possible I clamoured further into the ocean and enjoyed floating and paddling in the water.

With the break so close to the shore, the waves came in large swells which made it next to impossible to stand in the water. It was only in the trough of the wave that it was possible to touch the ground but when I did it was smooth sand like back home.

Gene joined me for a swim this morning and we had a lovely time paddling, floating and chatting. The water is beautifully refreshing and almost warm. Mind you today the wind was blowing so ferociously that if you got too close to the beach you would be splashed by the spray of the breaking wave and lashed by the whipping sand. So we stayed out a bit in the deeper water.

Time to go in and I knew I would need all my strength – and I was right. As I tried to find my feet and stand tall a wave crashed over my legs with one whack I was down. Knowing I needed to be patient, I took a deep breath and braced myself for the following wave. Survived. So I made an attempt to get up again and ‘dump’ I was now an Olympic gymnast doing my floor routine!!! Hahaha. The beauty was I didn’t panic – although by this stage Gene was charging towards me to help. With steady nerves, I picked myself up and made it. Heaven knows what the scene looked like but I survived!

Walking back to my hotel, I took some time to soak in what I was seeing.

After showering I went down to Bossa Nova to meet Gene for lunch. Today I wanted chicken and chips and it lived up to expectations! I sat there enjoying a coffee or two and blogging.

Feeling tired I wandered back to my room and promptly fell asleep. Next thing I know it is 5.37pm and the sun is setting. Quickly I race down to the beach to take some photos of the sunset before I meet Gene for dinner at – you know where – Bossa Nova!

It has been such a relaxing time here. I could imagine a week or two of this although as you can imagine there is part of me itching to get back using my brain more productively. The rest though has done me the world of good!

Tonight we sat outside to eat. The weather is exquisite – warm with a lovely summery breeze – even if it is autumn here and heading towards winter. Tonight I ordered the swordfish. It was cooked perfectly and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Gene ate the beef rendang.

Dessert time and I ordered the chocolate and caramel delight. Gene ordered the chocolate slice with caramelised nuts. Turns out mine was more like what I recognise as caramel slice and Gene’s was more like a chocolate mousse. I tasted both and they were delicious. The caramel in my dessert was a chewy caramel that contrasted fabulously with the fudgey, ganache-like chocolate.

Again we shared more stories about our lives. Clare and her son both made it into the finals of the surfing competition they entered today so all are looking forward to another day of surfing tomorrow.

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