Day 11 – walking to Kenting; returning to Kaohsiung

After returning to my room last night I turned on the TV. Big mistake!!! Ended up watching the end of a Mission Impossible and the full length of The Kingsman – which I thoroughly enjoyed. Needless to stay I was awake until about 3am. Hmmm so when I did get to sleep I slept through till about 8.30am and turned the TV on again and started watching The Princess Diaries. As I did I packed up and by 10am I checked out.

Staying at the Yo Yo Hotel was wonderful. It was very comfortable, I loved the artwork on the walls and the staff were so friendly, helpful and warm.

I decided that today I would go walking to find a place to get coffee as I had missed brunch from next door.

Walking as I did, I was once again amazed by the beauty of this place. I know I seem to love everything about this place but it really is breathtaking.

I made a realisation last night that the wind turbines were located near to a nuclear power plant. It’s funny how you can see but not always recognise.

From my room I hadn’t realised what the weather was like. It was perfect beach weather – bright sunshine and no wind. I did contemplate going back to have a swim but I couldn’t be bothered cleaning up afterwards so I continued walking. The sun was hot but I kept wondering what was around the corner.

As I walked I noticed some interesting looking trees and combination of trees.

The view of the ocean and how the shoreline was used was intriguing.

I was particularly taken in by the mountain of rock that protruded up towards the sky. As I walked I kept trying to get a better picture.

I did wonder when I would stop walking but decided I would keep going and when I reached the end I would call a taxi. Each corner beckoning me to keep going. I even contemplated going up the hill to the Kenting Visitors Centre, as that would be an easy place to get a taxi – but what was around that corner…

At one point I saw a very tall tower that was painted purple with gold writing. It said “chateau”. I thought to myself that it was a funny thing to write on what looked like a water tower. As I walked, however, the next set of buildings was called Chateau and it was a beach resort. It’s funny how concepts in different countries can vary so much.

Mind you it’s a bit like going into a souvenir shop only to find that everything says either Aloha or Hawaii. Turns out the owner is from Hawaii and it is a shop that only sells things from Hawaii! Just not what I expected to find on Taiwan.

As I walked into Kenting I was looking for somewhere to get a coffee when once again I was distracted by checking out the ocean…

..only to spot another interesting looking road to the right where yes I discovered the Hawaiian shop but also found a series of places to stay. Some of them appeared quite elegant and classy looking. However my favourite, from the outside, was this one that had decorated it’s building and features with these beautifully colored tiles.

Then I spotted what looked like a building from the Greek Mediterranean.

Finally I spotted a taxi and for NT$200 he took me back to Bossa Nova where Gene and I enjoyed our final lunch. I ate the shrimp wantons and peach cheesecake while Gene enjoyed the swordfish. A couple of other interesting things I spotted was the calamari and the dragonfruit smoothie. What a great color!

We also found out that Clare’s 11yo son came 3rd in his surfing competition. What an amazing achievement when competing against an older competition.

One thing I have to comment on is garbage pick-up. When I was in Hualien I could here this strange music and it turned out it came from the garbage collection truck. It turns out that there is no ‘garbo’ running around emptying peoples bins. Rather, the music lets everyone know the garbage truck is coming and they race out to throw their garbage in the back.

The drive back to Kaohsiung was easy with very little traffic congestion. We decided, however to go to the massage place for a body massage and yes, it was wonderful. As luck would have it, I ended up with the same guy who gave me the foot massage the previous Sunday when I arrived in Kaohsiung.

After that we had dinner at Cafe 303 – actually it was almost a repeat of last Sunday!

After dinner it was home to unpack and for Gene to get organised for school.


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