2 Worlds Festival, Geelong 2018

The morning started late for me but with a visit to a new coffee shop called Lavish. The coffee was fabulous – ended up having 2 and trying Richard’s Bullet Proof coffee. I love catching up with Rachael and Richard.

When we got home we took Maverick for his walk around the block before having lunch and getting ready to head off to tge music festival.

We arrived at the 2 Worlds Festival just before 3pm. Even with the showers of rain, the place was humming.

Rachael and I went off to check everything out; starting with the outdoor main stage. What a fabulous venue for a stage – a very minor music bowl thing happening with the hill catering as tiered seating for the audience! William Crichton and his band were performing and they were fabulous and facing the rain with great courage! Clearly not the audience you would not get on a sunny day but so glad we stopped by. They played for the few braving the rain as though we were a throng of thousands.

Next we visited the Provenance winery for a glass of wine of course and we caught the very tail end of Monique Clare. Wow! Did we miss a performance there! She plays the cello and sings. Incredible!

Finding a spare table we sat down to wait for the next act which turned out to be Phil and Trudy Edgeley. Again – like wow! Trudy’s voice was amazing and the music they made together was amazing. I particularly like the song ‘I am here’ and apparently it has been recorded on YouTube.

After the performance Rach and I went off to explore other venues. We couldn’t get into the Great Hall at all an then we tried The Doors Cafe and same. So I went into the gallery which was actually an art gallery. I particularly loved the art work of Sharryn Jenkinson.

In the gallery this guy was putting together a few people to sing together and invited anyone who wanted to join in. I nearly did but didn’t. What a shame! The man turned out to be Darren Percival. Missed opportunity but I did manage to get to his show but not before I saw and heard the amazing Tom Cook.

But again I am ahead of myself!

As I continued to roam and check out the rest of what the festival was offering I came across the mechandise stand where I puchased cds from Monique Clare and Phil and Trudy Edgeley. Next thing I know I run into Monique Clare and so I ask for her autograph. At the same time Rachael came up and we ended up chatting. She was lovely to talk to – and as a bonus she is playing later with The Maes.

Next thing I come across a guy in diggerido tent. Apparently they were demonstrating how to make diggeridos but we ended up chatting and sharing stories.

Then as I walked away and started thinking about food, I came across Trudy and Phil Edgeley waiting for their pizza. So you guessed it – I asked them for their autograph. Then we ended up chatting for about 10 minutes or so. What a lovely couple!

By this stage I was eating my own pizza and yes it was delicious. Then I ran into Rachael and Richard. Rach was off to do her volunteering stint and Rich came into the winery with me where we managed to sit down with a lovely pinot and listen to the tail end of Alister Turrill. He was good too.

In deciding on what to do next it meant there were other performances I missed out on but then I would not have seen and experienced what I did see. According to Rachael and Richard Yirrammil followed by Baker Boy were amazing on the big outdoor stage.

I, however, stayed to watch Tom Cook perform and thoroughly enjoyed watching him and his drummer perform.

What intrigued me most about his music was the historical context from which he wrote and the way particular themes were threaded through his lyrics. Later, after purchasing his cd, our paths crossed and yes – another autograph. The delight on his face when he realised that I had purchased his music was lovely. He genuinely appreciated that l had enjoyed his music so much.

Next I was off to see Darren Percival in the great hall. Omgosh what a performance and what a brilliant musician and vocalist this man is! I did love his performances on The Voice all those years ago but what and how he performed was incredible.

The performance was just himself, his voice, a loop machine and two microphone. With that he created music acapella-style. I most liken what he did to a Pentatonix performance but solo. On top of that he had all of us singing as well and at the end he gave these two young brothers their moment of fame that would have delighted any parent.

Of course, Janet played the groupy afterwards and managed to get a selfie.

After that, I popped out to the main stage where Tim Hughes was starting his performance. Gosh he made me laugh with his comments. He was following Baker Boy and according to Tim, he was not just the best in Australia but in the entire universe! After the first song he likened his set as having to listen to Uncle Tim after lunch on Christmas day. I thought he was just being funny but according to Rachael and Richard Baker Boy had the crowd in the palm of his hands and I suspect he may have been a hard act to follow.

I only stayed for a couple of songs before returning to a warmer environment in the winery for a coffee and as luck would have it to hear Chris Tamwoy play and sing. This young man from the Torres Strait Islands was an incredible story teller in both English, his own language and through his instrumentals and he brought you with him into his life’s journey.

He sang a song about his Pop called Dear Pop. As he sang, the tears rolled down my cheeks; he was singing about my Pop. You see, I had a Pop too and I loved him very much. My Pop brought much light and love into my life and I hope that he would be proud of me today and how I have lived my life, like Chris and his Pop. I suspect I was lucky enough to have my Pop around for longer than Chris. My Pop taught me many life lessons even when there were times in my young adult years where I was impatient with him because I wanted to be somewhere ‘more exciting’. My Pop was always there for me and I love and miss him dearly. My boys may not remember Pop, but at least I have some keepsake memories of their meeting. Again I was fortunate enough to speak with Chris briefly after his performance and thank him for his performance and especially his song, Dear Pop – and yes I bought his cd and received his autograph. Dear Pop, I think is going to be on his debut album due out in 2019.

Finally our day was rounded out with the performance of The Maes in the great hall. Here we also were able to see Monique Clare perform with the two sisters.

The cello and the way Monique played was an amazing accompaniment to the strings that the sisters played that included a banjo, guitar, violin and another more traditional instrument that was the size of a ukulele. The three women sounded beatiful and their harmonies were fabulous. On top of that, often in the background you could here the sounds coming from the main stage area. How they sang their acapella song with that so loud in the background was mind blowing.

You know, I have never actually been to a music festival like this before and I loved it. I am so grateful Rachael suggested and asked me to come along. Now I just want to know where the next one is!


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