‘Beautiful’ Taiwan

I sit here tonight anticipating my fourth overseas trip in just over a year. Nine months ago, in Koh Samui, I met Gene and tomorrow I head off to visit her and the country where she lives – Taiwan.

As for an itinerary of what is to come, I am yet to decide. Am I going to be a tourist, or am I going to sit back, relax and enjoy the break. I am sure it will be a bit of both, but for now I think I had better pack!


Day 1ish – Melbourne to Hualien City, Taiwan

Day 2 – Exploring Hualien City and Taroko Gorge

Day 3 – Hualien and scooters

Day 4 – Leaving Hualien, arriving in Kaohsiung

Day 5 – Just hanging in Kaosiung

Day 6 – Kaohsiung, nails and trying to rent a scooter

Day 7 – Cijin Island and Taiwan’s National Public Holiday Ten Ten

Day 8 – A bits and pieces king of day in Kaohsiung

Day 9 – Bus ride to Hengchun

Day 10 – Relaxing Nanwan Road, Hengchun

Day 11 – Walking to Kenting; returning to Kaohsiung

Day 12 – Last day in Kaohsiung




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