GEIS 2018 – Musings

One of my frustrations at work is that at a government level evidence-based programs delivered in the human services sector are being prioritised particularly where evidence has been gleaned from conducting randomised control trials (RCTs). Requiring programs to validate the social impact is not the frustrating part rather it is the preferencing of RCTs when not working within a medical or clinical framework.

By attending the Global Evidence and Implementation Summit 2018, I was hoping to hear what the current thinking was around concepts of evidence-based, evidence-informed and the prioritising of RCTs. The first day blew me away with the way people were interrogating the concept of what constituted evidence, questioning the bias and wrestling with research, synthesis and policy development.

It was a great conference and provided me with much to think about. Below is a very brief summary of my days highlighting the aspects that I gave thought to and including some of the fun aspects about being at a conference in Melbourne.

GEIS 2018 – Day 1

GEIS 2018 – Day 2

GEIS 2018 – Day 3