Ready to Fly


Feelings of excitement and anticipation are starting to build. There is still an element of disbelief that I am heading to France in three days time. Wow! Who would have thought that I would end up traveling. It was always something I had hoped for, even dreamed of but now it is happening. Twelve months ago I made the decision to no longer wait for there to be a man in my life or a friend who might be in a position to travel; that I would just hang the hassle of asking, finding or waiting for someone else in my life to be ready to come with me. Yes, I am scared about traveling alone but boy am I excited about setting foot on that plane and leaving everything I know behind.

I still have not packed but mentally I am readying myself. I think I have everything I need now and yes for those of you who know about the bruises on my leg, today was a better day and I have bought compression socks to wear on the plane. Mind you, I also have the kinesiology/rock tape on my leg and that has brought much relief already, so I am expecting arrive safely in Paris on Wednesday morning. My hair is done and now it’s just about waiting to go – although I still have a couple of resubmitted papers to mark before I go. It’s still hard to believe that I am on holidays now until the 23rd August 2017 when I return to my main workplace.

Anyway, this is the first in a series of posts where my family and friends who wish to keep up with what is happening over the next two weeks can. I may not be on every day, but I am sure there will be times when I just want to say hi and share with you a special moment or two! I hope you like food and scenery as I am sure I am going to be blown away by the tastes, sights and smells of France.


Arrived safely

Day 1

As the days go by! Day 2

Day 3 – Riding through Champagne

Off to Bordeaux – Day 4

Day 5 – Pilat, Arcachon and Saint Emilion

Day 6 – Moissac to Albi and the most scrumptious food yet!

Day 7 – Off to Brive-la-Gaillarde

Day 9 – Orleans and Jeanne d’Arc

Day 10 – Versailles, Paris + the Moulin Rouge

Day 11 – Monet’s Garden, Eiffel Tower and the Seine


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